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Straight from North Carolina, James Gee has built an R/C version of his favorite Tin Can, the USS Lloyd Thomas, (DD-764) from BaD. Now retired, he was a former INSURV inspector for Pac Fleet, which is probably why every detail on this ship is perfect, and in triplicate!  

Snap-n-Glue Tecnology Snap-n-Glue image BaD ship models feature Snap-n-Glue technology, allowing easier and more precise assembly of our laser-precision parts. Create your masterpiece today!  

Latest News
BaD Ship Models has moved from Wilson, NC to Pelham, NC area to new owners, Joe Wort and Rebecca Bell-Wort. They are up and running so models may now be sent out to those looking for 1/96 scale warships, landing craft, and submarines.

Welcome to BaD Ship Models!

August,2015 - Hello all, the regular company I work for runs it's fiscal year August 1st to July 31st, meaning we just rolled into our new fiscal year. I've been assigned new goals and objectives to accomplish of bringing our theater teams (AMER, APJC and EMEAR) together globally on common platforms and tooling so our processes and measurement of the business are more uniform. The first 3-6 months will be the most difficult as getting the requirements together, getting the necessary people and teams involved and setting direction take a lot of work. Once that's at least up and moving along it won't take as much work to maintain and run it. That said I am traveling more and have less time available for the next little while to devote to running the business. While Rebecca is fully capable of running the business it's more work than she can handle on her own at the moment and we just haven't had time to fully organize to make it easy for her. So we have decide to place the business on a brief hold until I get regular work up and on track having more free time and she will work on organization. Let me be clear - We Are Not Closing The Business. We just don't feel it's right to hold money and have long lead times we would rather place the business on hold until we can deliver timely. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, we're keeping everything running just not currently taking orders.

July, 2015 - It was a difficult decision to make however we have temporarily dropped back to only offering the basic ship and running hardware for all our models while we work on remastering the fittings. Modelers can choose to wait a little longer or find other avenues to detail their ship while we work on the issue. We thought it was the better decision to make than keep customers waiting months while sitting with the payments in hand. The first parts done will be ships we already have orders for or for basic ships sold in the interim.

We know we can do high detailed quality parts for less than the competition - I'll be posting some pictures soon of those we have already completed. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us.

June, 2015 - We appreciate the orders and we are working as quickly as we can. We have discovered a few things that need work, mostly making new molds for the resin cast pieces, that are taking a bit longer before we are able to fully ship orders. In light of that we are aiming to ship the basic ship for you to get started building while we work on making newer molds for each class we have orders for in the order they have been received. It is our desire to get you better quality workable pieces than what we had been seeing and there will be no extra shipping charges. Once we are able to clean up what we do have we are aiming to remaster all the parts over time, while we might not be John Haynes we still think we can offer good parts at a good price. As always, any questions or suggestions are welcome :-)

May, 2015 - BaD Ship Models has changed owners and moved once again. The new owners, Joe Wort and Rebecca Bell-Wort, have both enjoyed building models and creating with wood for over 50 years combined. Previous BaD Ship Models owners have brought the balsa wood plank-on-frame model kit company a long way from its beginning starting with Lou "Woody" Durso. Woody started the company with four kits in the Knox, Brooks, Garcia and Glover Class Frigates. He expanded the world-renown company up to 32 different classes of warships, landing craft, and submarines of inexpensive model kits before needing to pass the company on to another avid scale model builder.

Serving experienced model builders since 1990, BaD Ship Models manufactures 1/96th scale wood plank-on-frame warship model kits for static or R/C (Remote Control).

Charles Adams Destroyer

Joe and Rebecca will be working to improve the model kits. They would like to bring the same quality that past BaD Ship Model customers have come to enjoy as well as help those who are new to the BaD Ship Model kits and are looking for a good start for their own creations. The current prices that are listed are from the previous owners and will be reviewed as we reassess each kit.

All of our Kits are handcrafted so, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. We just can't do it any faster, really... once you see the kit, you'll know why. This is a TON of stuff to hand pick and cram in a box... but everything will be there to make your project a reality.

Remember that these kits are the start of your own unique model and are based on the original commission ship from each class. Please contact us in order to make sure you have EXACTLY what you want/need for your build - we would much rather make sure you are happy before we ship anything, so feel free to call or email before placing your order... Thanks!



    All of our Models, like the Warships they represent, are Made in America.