BaD Customer-Built Model

Straight from North Carolina, James Gee has built an R/C version of his favorite Tin Can, the USS Lloyd Thomas, (DD-764) from BaD. Now retired, he was a former INSURV inspector for Pac Fleet, which is probably why every detail on this ship is perfect, and in triplicate!  

Snap-n-Glue Tecnology Snap-n-Glue image BaD ship models feature Snap-n-Glue technology, allowing easier and more precise assembly of our laser-precision parts. Create your masterpiece today!  

Latest News - April, 2014:
The Shipwrights at BaD Ship Models have decided that taking the time to re-tool some things is well worth the effort for our customers... so, as of now, we will not offer ANY vacuum-formed parts. (Yes, we can hear you cheering all the way over here...) From now on, all those parts are being replaced with Resin Cast or Brass/Pewter parts. We're really happy about that, and we already know you are too. Look for the new stuff on the Accessories page soon!

You MUST check out the puzzle kits (below). Please see the Accessories page for pricing and details.

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Welcome to BaD Ship Models!

Hey folks... look, we have to take a break here. Really.

We can't thank you enough for your incredible support, purchases and interest in BaD throughout the year, but we're gonna have take some time off... and unfortunately we won't be accepting any new orders for the time being.

Chalk it up to "catching our breath", "restocking tiny little balsa wood strips", or whatever you think might work here... but bottom line, we will be back soonest, so please check back often - we won't let our Shipmates down, period, and will be back better than ever to serve your modeling needs. Thanks for your understanding and support.

- Ward Creech, Owner, BaD Shipmodels, LLC



    All of our Models, like the Warships they represent, are Made in America.