BaD Customer-Built Model

Straight from North Carolina, James Gee has built an R/C version of his favorite Tin Can, the USS Lloyd Thomas, (DD-764) from BaD. Now retired, he was a former INSURV inspector for Pac Fleet, which is probably why every detail on this ship is perfect, and in triplicate!  

Snap-n-Glue Tecnology Snap-n-Glue image BaD ship models feature Snap-n-Glue technology, allowing easier and more precise assembly of our laser-precision parts. Create your masterpiece today!  

Latest News - April, 2014:
The Shipwrights at BaD Ship Models have decided that taking the time to re-tool some things is well worth the effort for our customers... so, as of now, we will not offer ANY vacuum-formed parts. (Yes, we can hear you cheering all the way over here...) From now on, all those parts are being replaced with Resin Cast or Brass/Pewter parts. We're really happy about that, and we already know you are too. Look for the new stuff on the Accessories page soon!

You MUST check out the puzzle kits (below). Please see the Accessories page for pricing and details.

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Welcome to BaD Ship Models!

**For Immediate Release** November, 2014. BaD Ship Models has announced that they will now package and sell their handcrafted kits with all basic accessories included in the baseline kit. "Because we always strive for the highest standards in our kits, we decided to make it easier for the customer to get a more complete kit to begin with, then pick additional accessories they might feel they need to complete their kit, their way... it's all about a custom fit for them." said Ward Creech, owner of Bad Ship Models, LLC. "You just can't find a more complete setup than this... maybe a finished hull and some fittings, but that's about it. We are one-stop shopping for this sort of thing..." Dedicated ship modelers have embraced the move and look forward to new innovations by the company's owners in the future.

Serving experienced model builders since 1990, BaD Ship Models manufactures 1/96th scale wood plank-on-frame warship model kits for static or R/C (Remote Control).

Charles Adams Destroyer

It's a new year, and BaD Shipmodels has assembled the Fleet and headed East to our new home in North Carolina!

Ward and Charles are the new Model Shipwrights taking the helm of BaD Shipmodels with some great ideas and exciting new products for 2014 and beyond.

As a bit of introduction, these guys have over 70 years of model building experience between them (which means they're old, do the math...) but both served the US Navy on a variety of platforms and are incredibly skilled Model Shipwrights. Their models have been featured in magazines, television and on display in museums, both R/C and static.

Bottom line, you'll find they have a passion for model ship building and are the best in the biz - just like you, they do this because they love it. Best part is, if you want a ship but don't want to build it yourself, they will do it for you - just call and talk it over - you'll quickly see that BaD is THE first stop for all your model ship needs. 

So, since all of our Kits are handcrafted and lovingly packed and shipped by our highly professional Model Shipwrights, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. We just can't do it any faster, really... once you see the kit, you'll know why. This is a TON of stuff to hand pick and cram in a box... but everything will be there to make your project a reality.

All Laser Cut items are PER KIT... we can't do it for all of them, but we're working on it. All that means is that you may have to do a bit of sanding, but we are always here to help guide you thru any rough spots. Feel free to call or email us and we will do our best to help you out.



    All of our Models, like the Warships they represent, are Made in America.